Paypal has vaguely claimed that we’ve violated its policies and have stopped its service from reaching customers on our website.  They struggle to explain why but based on a recent blog post circulating around the internet, they are falsely linking Fascists with the idiot Nazi white supremacists and so-called “white nationalists” of the alt-right after the violence erupted between the Nazis and extreme leftists groups in Charlottesville last weekend.  As anyone who has ever dealt with the AFM on a personal, professional and/or business level, you fully know that we oppose racism wherever it rears its’ ugly head.  We have and will always denounce Nazism.  Unfortunately folks who’ve either never studied the history and origins of Italian Fascism are uneducated and misinformed on Fascism, or are brainwashed by the mass media which erroneously links the term “Fascism”  with “Nazism” and turns it into a brainwashing buzz word to be falsely hurled by both the extreme left and extreme right.

As a result we’re suspending the store and may not bother with its upkeep (the store’s function was merely to serve as a way to offset website costs).  Dealing with Paypal’s mediocre service and hypocrisy, in all honesty, isn’t really worth our time in the long term.  The irony is that this may be Paypal trying to do damage control since it was recently discovered that its’ owner (Peter Theil) is a known cheerleader for the Alt-right whilst serving as the unpopular president Trump’s advisor for some time now.   This absurd hypocrisy is appalling and we would rather not deal with Paypal or its’ dishonest and malignant actions towards us.

Here is a revealing comment from a blogger named “bahbah9” regarding Paypal supposedly cutting off their services to “hate groups”:

9 hours ago
Small consolation, given that Thiel is the alt-right-in-chief’s biggest cheerleader.

Research Peter Theil and his clandestine political “activities” with the Alt-Right and Trump administration.  Alas, we won’t be deceived or grouped in with the ilk he has supported over the years.


Boycott Paypal and their owner Peter Theil’s Hypocrisy