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Since we are living in the political facade of a democratic republic, utilize your right to free speech and get active on the issues that concern you.  Research your congressmen and senators to see how they vote at:  Tired of endless national debt and perpetual war?  Contact your state politicians and make your voice be heard.   As indicated on the website, “Call to Action,” the best way to reach your local congressmen and women is to call:

Calling the district office of your Congressional rep is the most effective way to get government to listen to you, according to political staffers. Calls are taken more seriously and make a greater impact than emails or written letters. Because your Congressional rep serves fewer constituents than a Senator, a call to your rep is more likely to be answered and carries more relative weight.

As Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile expounded upon in the Doctrine of Fascism, Fascism will use the best features of Democracy, Socialism, etc and discard the rest.  The best of all political ideas is what comprises Fascism.  Henceforth, use democratic tools to change the broken “Democratic” system.  Please click the following link to access and read the Italian Doctrine of Fascism online for free:


Fun fact: Did you know that in the recent political chaos effecting Ukraine, Ukrainian citizens who are fed up with political corruption have resorted to throwing politicians into public garbage dumpsters?  We do not condone violence despite having plenty of trashy politicians ourselves. 😀

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