The AFM is a hub for American Fascists, Nationalists, and even for those who may not identify themselves as Fascist per se, but equally want to restore America to greatness. We appreciate the outcry of support and we are



Brief History: The American Fascist Movement was created in 2001 by two students (one from Washington and one from Wisconsin) of Italian Fascism who found each other on a political forum.  They took their ideas off the forum and quickly

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  • AFM Announces union with the American Blackshirts!

    AFM Announces union with the American Blackshirts!

    We are proud to announce our union with the American Blackshirts, a legitimate movement laying the foundations for a new Fascist America.  Please find out more on our support page!  Become politically active today!  Read More »
  • Website Update

    Website Update

    April 27, 2016  Updates have been made to the support and about pages.  More fine-tuning and updates of these website pages are to be expected.   Feb 22, 2016 After some delay during the New Year.  Alas, the AFM websiteRead More »
  • Online Store Added!

    Online Store Added!

    More items will be added to the store in the near future to help with covering the costs associated with the website.  Check out our existing products in the mean time.  Both domestic and international orders are welcomed. Through the month of March, apply couponRead More »