The AFM is a hub for American Fascists, Nationalists, and even for those who may not identify themselves as Fascist per se, but equally want to restore America to greatness. We appreciate the outcry of support and we are

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  • Boycott Paypal and their owner Peter Theil’s Hypocrisy

    Boycott Paypal and their owner Peter Theil’s Hypocrisy

    Paypal has vaguely claimed that we’ve violated its policies and have stopped its service from reaching customers on our website.  They struggle to explain why but based on a recent blog post circulating around the internet, they are falsely linkingRead More »
  • Activism


    For direct political activism, please visit our support page. Since we are living in the political facade of a democratic republic, utilize your right to free speech and get active on the issues that concern you.  Research your congressmen andRead More »
  • Updates for 2017

    Updates for 2017

           March: The AFM website will be down intermittently for maintenance — we will be transferring data and migrating between web hosts. April: We’ll be updating the AFM store to add products to help offset the costs of maintainingRead More »